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Libido For Her

If you're not feeling your sexual best, try the all-natural homeopathic solution, Libido for Her™, for gentle, temporary relief of symptoms associated with lowered libido in women.

So whats in it?

Agnus castus 3X: Also known as the Chaste Berry plant, the berries of this purple beauty have been used in homeopathy to treat reproductive disorders in men and women.

Berberis vulgaris 6X: European Barberry is a shrub native to central and southern Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia. It was used in early times to make a natural yellow dye, and the berries are used in Europe and elsewhere to make jam. In homeopathy, Berberis is used to treat low libido and pain in vagina and uterus during mensus, and during intercourse.

Damiana 1X: The herb Damiana is a small shrub with fragrant yellow flowers, and is native to Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. It has long been a domestic medicine in Mexico, where it is as a tonic and as an aphrodisiac. In homeopathy, it has been used to treat amenorrha, dysmenorrha, and leucorrha in the women, lowered libido in both men and women, and to dispel fatigue.

Graphites 1X: Also called Black Lead, Graphites at one time was prepared from drawing pencils. In homeopathy, it has been used in homeopathy to treat soreness of the vagina and pain in ovaries and uterus, night sweats and lack of energy.

Ignatia amara 6X: St. Ignatius' Bean, native to the Philippine Islands, has a long history of homeopathic use for "change of life" issues, especially as they relate to mood swings, hot flashes, painful periods and anxiety.

Lactuca virosa 3X: Also known as Poisonous Lettuce or Opium Lettuce, Lactuca v. contains
Lactucin, a bitter substance common to all lettuces but strongest in Lactuca. It has a soporific action, and was used in early homeopathy in place of Opium to quiet nervousness and induce sleep. Also helpful for women with irregular period mood swings.

Onosmodium virginianum 30C (False Gromwell): Onosmodium v. is a member of the American branch of the Borage family. Used in homeopathy for loss of desire in both men and women, also for fibroids and severe uterine cramps in women, itching of vulva, pain and pressure in ovaries.

So, ready to sex it up?

Hot Flash | Menopause Symptoms and Memory Loss

Is Menopause Symptoms and Memory Loss linked in some way?

While you may experience the misery of hot flashes and mood swings as you enter menopause, one thing you can't blame on the "change" is memory loss.

In the latest study that exonerates menopause as a cause of impairing the ability to recall, Taiwanese researchers compared the memory of hundreds of women before they had any menopausal symptoms to their memory as they entered menopause.

They found the women who were going through the menopausal process scored as well or nearly as well on five different cognitive function tests. Results of the study are to be presented Oct. 4 at the American Neurological Association annual meeting in Toronto.

"When women go into perimenopause, they don't need to worry about cognitive decline," said Dr. Jong-Ling Fuh, an attending physician at Taipei Veterans General Hospital and an associate professor of Yang-Ming University School of Medicine.

The researchers said the myth of memory loss during menopause is a perception some women have because as they went through menopause, they felt their memory wasn't as sharp as it had been before. Studies suggesting that hormone replacement therapy might protect against dementia strengthened that belief. However, a large study later found that in older women, hormone replacement therapy not only didn't help protect women from dementia, but could actually increase the risk.

To try to answer the question of whether menopause did have any effect on memory, Fuh and her colleagues studied nearly 700 premenopausal women living on a group of rural islands between Taiwan and China. The Taiwanese government restricted access to these islands until the 1990s, so the authors report that the study's population was nearly homogeneous, which would help rule out other potentially causative factors of memory loss.

The women were between the ages of 40 and 54. None of them had had a hysterectomy, and none took hormone replacement therapy during the study. All took five cognitive tests designed to assess their memory and cognitive skills at the start of the study, and then again 18 months later. During the study period, 23 percent of the women began to have symptoms of menopause.

The researchers then compared the memory of the women who had entered menopause to those who had not, and found very little difference. In four of the five tests, there were no statistically significant differences in the two groups of women.

Only on one test was the difference statistically significant, and that difference, said Fuh, was very slight. This test was designed to assess verbal memory and involved showing the women 70 nonsensical figures. Some of the figures were repeated during the test, while most were not. The women were asked whether they had seen the figure earlier.

"For women, menopause does not mean you'll develop memory loss," said Dr. Raina Ernstoff, an attending neurologist at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich. As you're going through perimenopause and experiencing symptoms like hot flashes, she said, you may feel lousy and have trouble sleeping, which might temporarily affect your cognitive skills.

"I don't think declining estrogen levels are what causes memory loss," said Dr. Steven Goldstein, an obstetrician/gynecologist at New York University Medical Center in New York City. "It's not like your memory is bopping along, doing fine and then takes this big dive during menopause, like bone density can."

Both Ernstoff and Goldstein said they weren't aware of many women who believed that menopause might cause significant memory loss. They also both felt that results from this group of women who were so homogeneous might not apply to different groups of women, such as those living in more industrialized society. And they both said that other factors that weren't studied could play a role in memory loss, such as hypertension, which can contribute to vascular dementia.

Ernstoff also pointed out that the education backgrounds can play a large role in memory loss. Fuh acknowledged the researchers did attempt to control the data for educational differences.

SOURCES: Jong-Ling Fuh, M.D., attending physician, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, and associate professor, Yang-Ming University School of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan; Steven Goldstein, M.D., obstetrician/gynecologist, New York University Medical Center, and professor, obstetrics/gynecology, New York University School of Medicine, New York City; Raina Ernstoff, M.D., attending neurologist, William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Mich., and member, Alzheimer's Board of Detroit; Oct. 4, 2004, presentation, American Neurological Association, Toronto.

For more information visit:

Menozac is Help from Mother Nature. It is a botanical formulation containing a blend of natural herbal extracts. These are plants from Mother Nature that specifically ease your transition. They provide effective menopause relief, from the onset and through the duration of typical menopause.

Eye Lash Gift

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Remember, your eyes are the first point of contact and attaction. Just try it yourself or give it to your friend or sister. They'll thank you for it.


The Primal You | Mother's Weight Problems

The weight loss market is one many know pretty darn well. People have reviewed a great many diet programs, ranging from very good to downright terrible. Mother's weight problems is such an issue especially after birth. If mom is on diet, guess what happens, so is everyone in the home.

Today lets review a really good one. It’s called The Primal You and I have become a big fan for several reasons:

•    The science makes so much sense; it examines what human beings are genetically programmed to eat.

•    It’s not some crazy fad diet; it's about optimum health as much as he talks about weight loss.

•    It works... Fast!

•    There’s no food reduction involved. You can eat a lot and people say they are never hungry on this diet.

•    It’s not just the typical weight loss ebook that most people sell. In addition to a workbook, this online course has 2 ½ hours of video, broken into 6 easy to watch “episodes”.

•    It also has access to over 1,000 recipes online.

As a consumer frustrated with all the conflicting information in the market, Derek Gatehouse has researched diet and exercise diligently for 30 years. When his doctor told him at age 26 that he had to take medication for high blood pressure, he began researching food and diet even harder, as he had always heard that blood pressure was controllable with the right diet.

12 years later, at age 38, Derek put himself on The Primal You diet. Within weeks he lost weight, gained muscle, and brought his blood pressure back under control. That was 13 years ago and he has not taken medication since.

The incredible part of the story he says, is that the diet his research uncovered is the “diet that was meant for the human species”, and because of this it resets your body’s metabolism to a state of fat burning, instead of a state of fat storing like most of today’s foods do. People on the website who have been on the diet for a long time also say that you’re not hungry on this diet; that you can actually eat!

Knowing diets as mother's do, and having seen the success of this program and how easy it is to understand and to follow, a lot of mom's give it their highest recommendation. Try it!



What is it that gives us that tingling feeling when we receive a gift from someone? Even if it's not a loved one but just a friend, office colleague or even when you're surprised with a shopping mall freebie gift of the day. Possibly the little spark of some treasured joy in our lives of something just for us in the whole wide world. That very moment and that something special.

Of course if this item is coming from our loved ones, a family member perhaps, a special partner in our lives or even a relative far away in a different country or continent for that matter, then we look forward even more to it as it is appreciated simply for remembrance and love. Those living overseas sending them tend to always give some unique gifts as we come to expect because they live in a totally different environment and possible alien to us in many ways. There are so many cultures of the world that we have yet to see and explore out there.  

That bring the matter of mother's day approaching. Wherever there is family in any place on earth, in most common circumstance, there will be a mother that is taking care of everyone. So, when that day arrives it becomes just a tiny bit more to mom when she is showered with love and surrounded with family members throughout the day. That's the real gift she appreciates.


Mother's Rejoice | Obama Declares Osama Dead

Osama Bin LadenThere are a lot of people that have heard the news that President Obama declares Osama dead and mother's rejoice at hearing this news as their husbands, children, family and in fact, the whole world can become a better place once again to live. We know it's not a permanent end to Al-Qaeda but a major dent for the faction. 

Osama bin Laden is dead, reports CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and several other news agencies. The U.S. government has the Al-Qaeda leader's body, which was recovered in a mansion outside of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

This news comes a week before mother's day. Many are rejoicing at the news and many feel justice is done. There are also many that feel their prayers are answered as they loss family members in the attacks of September 11. Many people died but many more were left to mourn those lost in the attacks of 9-11.

For all those that survive the loss of loved ones in the attacks, it is especially mothers that can only feel the great pain of losing a child born from the womb, nourished, cared and loved as only a mother can. The threat may not be completely over but for now mother's rejoice that prayers are answered. The mother's day gift for moms who loss loved ones this year is peace of mind and justice attained. 

Why Is My Mum So Unreasonable?

Resolved Question

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Why is my mum so unreasonable?

My stupid mum keeps telling me to go to her bullsh*t church, when I'm clearly not interested. I'm an athiest I don't care about her fake god. She says stuff like "you live with me, so you do as I say". But I hate it, I hate going to her stupid church on Sunday and listening to cr*p. What do I say to her so she can just leave me alone?
She also doesn't let me do other activities unless I go to church, its blackmail clearly! But she says its not!
Please someone tell me what to say!
  • 2 weeks ago

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

Tricky one this but I have an idea.

Of course she want's you to go to save your soul. After all you never know when is your time.
You could be knocked down by a bus tomorrow for all you know. But it's really you as a person to choose.

Lets see what you could try. Well talk to her(in a nice way) about what you are feeling. Then try your own little "blackmail", as you put it, by telling her that if she wants you to go without a fuss then she has to give in to things that you want. Like going to the mall, a party, extra pocket money now & then...stuff like that.

But, it can only work if you go with her. After all it's just 1 hour in a week. So choice is yours. I see your mothers point in why she wants you to go, like being a good person, learning good values, proper up bringing, being lawful, thinking of others, and a whole bunch more I guess....what can you say to ease her mind on being that sort of person in life?


  • 2 weeks ago


Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Once again here are some mother's day gift ideas that you can use for your mom to make a special occasion a happy one. It's one of those days that just fills the home with joy and love and it spreads to all our hearts. So the suggestions are just gift ideas that you could use.

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William Wedding To Kate Without His Mother Diana

LIFE The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (Life (Life Books))As we all witnessed Prince William's wedding to Kate without his mother Diana present, we get a sense that it would have been even more spectacular if she were still around as a mother proud and happy of seeing her boy become the man we all have seen grow into.

It probably would have been special to see Diana and Kate together as mother and daughter in law loving the same man in different ways and everyone probably would agree that they would have become the best of friends. They are fairly similar as women of the world and compassionate about charitable causes. The combination of these two women in any notable cause of charity would certainly have generous contributors come forward. As one beacon of light faded may the seed, and the one he married, become a new brilliant torch of hope for many.

This mother's day approaching one can suppose that Diana would have most likely prefer the simple gift of joy and love, over any mother's day gift, in seeing her son William in marriage to Kate be more successful than her own. Lets wish and hope it is and may they live the fairytale life we all read about when we were young.


Mother's Day For Peace

If you ever wondered how Mother's Day started, you need to watch this video about founder, Julia Ward Howe. Also included is Hollywood stars like Felicity Hoffman, Vanessa Williams, Christine Lathi, Alfre Woodhard, Fatma Saleh and others to bring a message of peace and hope for children around war torn regions.

On a funnier note, we all love see our kids sing us a song. Here's a little jingle based on Cher's song, It's in his kiss.


Mother's Day Travel Idea

How about a fabulous travel gift for your mom. Of course the whole family should be there or it won't be fun, would it? So here is a mother's day travel idea that is exotic and will be memorable for years to come. Get your mom a great trip to Phi Phi island in exotic Thailand. The land of a thousand smiles.

If you've never been to Phi Phi island or Thailand for that matter, you're in for a treat. Famed among the most beautiful tropical places in the world, Phi Phi is one of the most popular tourist attractions. It was here that the movie "The Beach" featuring Leonardo DiCaprio was shot. The island's coastal hills are mostly composed of limestone from the mountain range in Phang-nga province. The mountains and islands have steep cliffs, large caves and dwarf trees growing out of it from the rocks. Phi Phi islands can be reached by boat from either Phuket or Krabi at about the same distance.

Among the islets, Phi Phi Don being the larger one which lies in the north, is well known for its fine beaches and coral formations along the two beautiful curved bays, Ton Sai Bay and Lodalam Bay. In the south and others at the northern end of the island, several shops at Ton Sai can arrange diving and snorkelling trips around the island or the nearby islands of Phi Phi Le Island, Yung Island and Mai Phai (Bamboo) Island.

Of course, it is good to know that Thailand is fairly cheap in price if you're on a budget with the family. Bargains can be found or made for almost everything. Food and drinks, including the alcoholic ones are also sold at low cost. There are some terrific Thai hotels to suit all budgets. No prizes as to why its fun being in Thailand. To top it off, the sun shines all year round and the stunning Phi Phi beaches are just so inviting to get a tan.

A mother's day trip like this surely beats anything else you could think of. Prepare with other family members early so all those that want to go won't miss out. A trip to Thailand means you also need to check if you need to prepare a Visa for travel and even any inoculations are needed. However, with this country being one of the top most visited places on earth, it won't be difficult. So, prepare for an Asian mother's day fiesta.


Happy Mother's Day

Those three words, Happy Mother's Day, are said just once a year. I'm sure we care and love our moms and we do things on a daily basis that shows it. However, many of us take it for granted that she knows this. We are complacent with the daily routine of our mother care at times.

Most people who look after their moms, if she is elderly, do it with things like giving cash for daily expenses and paying for household bills. Perhaps doing the cooking or buying them clothes and such. It's more of the attitude that if you take care of her with monetary means or necessities it would be sufficient or your "duty" is fulfilled. Sometime because hardship is inevitable when we lead our daily lives and have problems of our own, don't you think your mom knows or understands. Last thing she wants is to be a burden to anyone.

Younger kids, or teens with younger moms instead, tend to look for their moms in times of trouble or when they are depressed about things at home, in school, squabbles with schoolmates or neighborhood kids, a teen crush, etc. They see mom as the "go-to" person when they are facing such things. Mom is like this safe haven for advice or a healing touch to ease any pain. Then again if one made trouble, she's the last person you want to see because you never want to disappoint her.

So, mother's day comes around and it's the best opportunity to make a difference than the normal days that we see her on a daily basis. For those with older moms, it's that special thought, gift, gesture or personal time that you share to reminisce over life and joys of her being your mother that she will appreciate. Even if you give a personalized present, unique gift, travel cruise or a picnic in the park; it should be made as an occasion to celebrate rather than an obligation. Then see the smile on her face.

For those younger kids, appreciating mom with a mother's day poem or song would be a lovely thing. After all she doesn't expect you to go out and buy expensive jewelry. Of course dad can always chip in for the kids and get a nice bouquet of flowers for mom so the kids can feel that they got something to brighten mom's day. Followed, of course, with a great day of family time together. And NO house work for the day!

So when the day comes, remember, every mom out there is different but same in many ways. That being, she brought you into this world and loves you unconditionally. Governments have declared a day in the calender year just for mothers. Now all that's left is to put on that smile of yours, mother's day gift in hand or even without, and wish her Happy Mother's Day

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It has come to that time of year again when we celebrate Mothers Day. We treasure our mother so we want to give her that one Mothers Day Gift that shows we love her. We care so we are going to remind ourselves what mom likes and think of mothers day ideas to surprise her.

It could be a last-minute rush but it's better to get a mothers day present than come empty-handed even if we live such hectic lives. For those who aren't so well off, there's always simple ideas like a mother's day poem or gift card. As the saying goes, its the thought that counts.

Our mothers are the ones that gave birth to us. Hours of labor and pain. Carrying us for all those months and showered us with love as only a mother can. It's the same all over the world. So we are going to give you some great ideas for mother's day gifts that you could give or didn't think of.

How about flowers? The simple yet practical present that will surely bring a smile to her face simply because she's a woman and which woman doesn't love flowers, especially if it came from someone she loves. Other ideas would be a gift basket, fruit basket, jewelry, a dress, a gift card, spa treatment for a day or maybe taking her to the hairdressers for a style redo. All these choices also depends on the age of your mother and lifestyle she leads. We have to remember that your mother has a mother too, namely your grandmother, and being the mother to your mother I'm sure you understand she celebrates this day as well because without her your mom wouldn't be here. A present for your grandmother would be nice too.

What about small kids? They need to be taught about the appreciation of this significant day that honors mothers because it strengthens the bonds of family. So helping them to get an inexpensive mothers day gift or something like a mothers day song would suffice. Perhaps some short mother's day poems to recite. These are simple but caring examples that kids can learn in appreciation of mom.

Whether we get an inexpensive, cheap, unique, high-end or simple gift it's going to be appreciated simply because it came from someone who loves her as much as she does in return. Even a hug and kiss makes as a beautiful present for mom. A mother is one of a kind and cannot be replaced. So Happy Mothers Day!