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William Wedding To Kate Without His Mother Diana

LIFE The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (Life (Life Books))As we all witnessed Prince William's wedding to Kate without his mother Diana present, we get a sense that it would have been even more spectacular if she were still around as a mother proud and happy of seeing her boy become the man we all have seen grow into.

It probably would have been special to see Diana and Kate together as mother and daughter in law loving the same man in different ways and everyone probably would agree that they would have become the best of friends. They are fairly similar as women of the world and compassionate about charitable causes. The combination of these two women in any notable cause of charity would certainly have generous contributors come forward. As one beacon of light faded may the seed, and the one he married, become a new brilliant torch of hope for many.

This mother's day approaching one can suppose that Diana would have most likely prefer the simple gift of joy and love, over any mother's day gift, in seeing her son William in marriage to Kate be more successful than her own. Lets wish and hope it is and may they live the fairytale life we all read about when we were young.

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