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Mother's Rejoice | Obama Declares Osama Dead

Osama Bin LadenThere are a lot of people that have heard the news that President Obama declares Osama dead and mother's rejoice at hearing this news as their husbands, children, family and in fact, the whole world can become a better place once again to live. We know it's not a permanent end to Al-Qaeda but a major dent for the faction. 

Osama bin Laden is dead, reports CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and several other news agencies. The U.S. government has the Al-Qaeda leader's body, which was recovered in a mansion outside of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

This news comes a week before mother's day. Many are rejoicing at the news and many feel justice is done. There are also many that feel their prayers are answered as they loss family members in the attacks of September 11. Many people died but many more were left to mourn those lost in the attacks of 9-11.

For all those that survive the loss of loved ones in the attacks, it is especially mothers that can only feel the great pain of losing a child born from the womb, nourished, cared and loved as only a mother can. The threat may not be completely over but for now mother's rejoice that prayers are answered. The mother's day gift for moms who loss loved ones this year is peace of mind and justice attained. 

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