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Why Is My Mum So Unreasonable?

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Why is my mum so unreasonable?

My stupid mum keeps telling me to go to her bullsh*t church, when I'm clearly not interested. I'm an athiest I don't care about her fake god. She says stuff like "you live with me, so you do as I say". But I hate it, I hate going to her stupid church on Sunday and listening to cr*p. What do I say to her so she can just leave me alone?
She also doesn't let me do other activities unless I go to church, its blackmail clearly! But she says its not!
Please someone tell me what to say!
  • 2 weeks ago

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Tricky one this but I have an idea.

Of course she want's you to go to save your soul. After all you never know when is your time.
You could be knocked down by a bus tomorrow for all you know. But it's really you as a person to choose.

Lets see what you could try. Well talk to her(in a nice way) about what you are feeling. Then try your own little "blackmail", as you put it, by telling her that if she wants you to go without a fuss then she has to give in to things that you want. Like going to the mall, a party, extra pocket money now & then...stuff like that.

But, it can only work if you go with her. After all it's just 1 hour in a week. So choice is yours. I see your mothers point in why she wants you to go, like being a good person, learning good values, proper up bringing, being lawful, thinking of others, and a whole bunch more I guess....what can you say to ease her mind on being that sort of person in life?


  • 2 weeks ago

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